Vocals Paul
Guitars & Backing Vocals Steve or Mat

Drums Jimmy

Guitars Mark

Bass & Backing Vocals Kristian


Matt learnt to play the guitar in his late teens and joined a band called Free Beer which later morphed into Stiff In The Morning.

Mark had formed his own band Perseverance, enlisting the percussive talents of his brother Gary.

Kristian had played keyboards in a few bands. He first started gigging properly as lead guitarist in Gin Palace (who later became Boot50), but eventually began writing his own material. One day he got his brother Paul to try out the vocal parts and synth rock duo Shocked By The Scenery were born.

Mark enlisted Matt as lead guitarist in Perseverance and together with bass player James began trying out different vocalists to front their new lineup.

Bouncing Off Concrete was formed in October 2002, when Paul auditioned for the part of lead vocalist and Kristian popped along to watch. James left the band due to other commitments and both Paul and Kristian were enlisted as band members. The formula worked and the consistent lineup helped the band define their own sound. At the end of 2010 Gary left the band to be replaced by Chris who had previously played with a few bands including Roxoff and Time Out.

In May 2016 Matt left the band and after having a year off formed a new band
Hoaxx. In November 2017 after a long audition process guitar virtuoso Steve joined the band as new lead guitarist. in 2018 Mat (ReloadDiesel) stepped in as a second guitar player, giving the band two distinctive sounding lineups.

In December 2019 Chris left the band to take some time out from the gig scene and Jimmy (ex Curious Penguin, Time Out, Rockslave, Trash Monroe, Dookie, Stiff in the Morning) became the new drummer.

The band have been fortunate enough to play many fantastic venues and events throughout Essex and Suffolk, culminating in their biggest ever gig playing to a festival audience of 4,000.

At the end of the day though, it's not just about the fastest guitar solos or who's got the tightest leather trousers (on second thoughts, it might be partly about who's got the tightest leather trousers) . . . it's also about trying to give people a great evening out. And if the crowd are loving it then you can guarantee BOC are too.

The band now has a thriving Facebook community with over 1,400 fans. Be sure to join our happy moshing throng online or even better . . . at a gig!

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